Kickstart Camp

Kickstart Camps are available ONLY for students entering CDS kindergarten in fall 2020 and will take place at our 333 campus. 

Kickstart is a summer camp that is designed to help incoming Transitional Kindergarten or Kindergarten students get used to the schedule and routine of TK and K. The day is designed to look like TK and K days and help students get excited about their new classes in the fall. We skip nap time for quiet time, we get to know the faces and names of future teachers and specialists, we practice walking to the Boys and Girls club, and much, much more. Kickstart is a curriculum that was designed and written by the K team from years past and continues to be reviewed by our current K teams!

Kickstart is available for the last 5 weeks of summer. For our first 4 weeks of summer camp, your rising TK and K students will join PS summer camp.

Sea Creatures, July 13—17

Does it seem crazy that we know more about outer space than the world’s oceans? In Sea Creatures, we will dive deep into exploration and wonder as we discover the ocean’s wildlife. Studying whales, dolphins, jellyfish, and more, we will use a variety of skill sets to learn about what lies in the darkest depths of the sea. We’ll count the number of legs an octopus uses to swim, create our own tropical fish using craft supplies, and discover new, exciting songs about the great blue sea. We hope you can join us as we grab our scuba gear and dive down to take a peek at the world’s greatest mystery of life: the ocean!

Galaxy Quest, July 20–24

Hop into your rocket ship and launch into orbit! From meteors to foreign planets to black holes, we’ll explore the vastness of space and maybe even encounter an alien along the way.

Art in Nature, July 27—31

Nature is all around us, but during this week we’ll take time to slow down and smell the flowers. And leaves. And dirt! We’ll become explorers extraordinaire, engaging in a number of activities and projects that are inspired by the great outdoors. Imagine tissue paper flowers, mason jar terrariums, pebble art, and flower crowns. These projects will give campers the opportunity to look at nature in a new way!

Animals of the Jungle, August 3—7

During this exciting week, we will explore some of the wildest and most amazing creatures found in jungles around the world! We’ll explore this vast world through creative projects such as bug making, caterpillar counting, monkey matchmaking games, and endless other hands-on activities. Children will have an opportunity to practice introductory math skills such as counting, work in groups to practice social skills, and learn exciting information about their favorite jungle creatures. Join us as we swing from branch to branch during this fantastically fun week.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!